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Aid Backup  v.1.0

Aid Backup is a desktop backup software for personal use. This solution is made to make life easier for people, that are keeping their valuable daily data on their regular laptops or workstations.

Areca Backup for Linux  v.7.2.1

Areca-Backup is a file backup software that supports incremental, image and delta backup on local drives or FTP servers.

VersionBox Lite  v.1.0.9

VersionBox is a backup software application written for 32-bit Windows operating systems.

AnyBackup  v.1.8

Anybackup 1.8 Free is a data backup software for home and office,integrated backup engine that be from eisoos unremitting can help you backup documents,pictures and mails,supports advance properties like optimizing backup space,you dot

Archeotes  v.1.93

Archeotes is a backup software designed to be extremely flexible. Define exactly which files you want to save, encrypt, compress, keep old copies, encrypt path, safe delete of obsolete files. Complete and differential backup capability. Easy

Blackfisk  v.32

Blackfisk is an application that does backups. It differs from other backup-software in the way how to use it. The software can handle huge and complex backup

DIASER  v.1.1.1.beta3

DIASER, Geo-data duplication long-term archive system & WAN vault. Manage mixed data archives generated by existing backup software. Ensure availability using commodity hardware. Retain administrative and financial

EasyVCB  v.b.1.5

Backup and Disaster Recovery for VMware VI3 / vSphere 4 environments fully integrated into Virtual Center. First Open Source backup software for VMware Consolidated Backup and ESX

FilmShrink  v.rc

FilmShrink is a DVD-Video backup software for Windows, which transcodes video titles into the RealMedia format (RealVideo/RealAudio 10) powered by Helix DNA. It supports batch encoding, multichannel audio, subtitles, and it has a user-friendly

OpenGenesia  v.0.1.20080827

An open-source "remake" of the classic The Software Toolworks / Microids games Genesia (1992, Europe) and Ultimate Domain (1994,

Relax and Recover (ReaR)  v.1.12.0

Relax and Recover is a modular disaster recovery framework for Linux. Besides an integrated backup it also supports integration with existing backup software to provide an integrated bare metal disaster recovery solution without extra data

Savepex  v.1.2

savepex is a backup software writen in python. It allow you to select (also drag & drop) multiple file/directory, save your preferences in a file and recall it. savepex support command-line. All the operation are logged into a file and in a pdf

Savior  v.20090718

This is a backup software for local files or files on an FTP server. The difference with the other backup software is that this one will never stops to do its task even if the remote host is always disconnecting during the files

Webmin module for Amanda  v.0.59.beta

The goal is to provide a Webmin module to configure and manage the Amanda Backup System, a great backup software. It will provide an easy way to setup, test and run a complete Amanda installation, with the tools provided by the Webmin

PyBa  v.1.0

PyBa is a multiplattform and open sourced Backup-Software. Many types of data can be saved: Files, Directories, Database-Content, Websites or other FTP-Stuff,...

7Backup  v.1.0

Backup software using 7-Zip compression. Supports backups from local and network sources. Backup files must be opened using 7-zip manually get it at .NET Framework 3.5 is needed to run this program

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